Social Media and the UK Riots: “Twitter Mobs”, “Facebook Mobs”, “Blackberry Mobs” and the Structural Violence of Neoliberalism

The UK riots are not a “Blackberry mob”, not a “Facebook mob” and not a “Twitter mob”; they are the effects of the structure violence of neoliberalism. Capitalism, crisis and class are the main contexts of unrests, uproar and social media today.

Against Henry Jenkins. Remarks on Henry Jenkins’ ICA Talk “Spreadable Media”.

I have watched Henry Jenkins’ virtual keynote presentation “Spreadable Media” that he gave at the 2011 conference of the International Communication Association. I did not like it. Here are the reasons why.

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Christian Fuchs: Interview on China Radio International (CRI) about the Impact of the Internet on Everyday Life Communication

I have been interviewed by Chinese Radio International (CRI)’s programme “People in the Know” about the question how the Internet impacts everyday life communication: Does Internet use result in more community-building, socialization and a richer social life or in less community involvement, in isolation, alienation and the collapse of social life? The programme can be [...]