The Right-Wing European Mainstream Media Campaign against Syriza and the Need to End Neoliberalism

I have taken a look at the European media coverage of Syriza one day before the Greek election that takes place today, June 17th, 2012. European mainstream media simply ignore alternative voices that suggest a different path for Europe and Greece, namely the end of neoliberalism. Such voices exist, especially among intellectuals, but hardly make their way into the European mainstream media.

New Paper: Christian Fuchs: Labor in Informational Capitalism and on the Internet

The article explains foundations of critical political economy, especially the cycle of capital accumulation, and argues that this approach is suited for explaining and analyzing the contemporary information economy, knowledge labor, and the Internet economy. The notions of class and surplus value are applied to knowledge labour and Internet usage. Based on Dallas Smythe’s notion of the audience commodity, the concept of the Internet produsage/prosumer commodity is worked out.

Quentin Tarantino: Inglorious Basterds – An Antifascist Movie Masterpiece

You could say that Adorno meant that fictionalization is just a form of escape from bad reality and is therefore apolitical, whereas Žižek says that fiction can tell us something important about reality, that it contains something real, something that is more real than reality. Tarantino’s fiction is double real: It thinks about what could have happened if the reality of the Committee for a Jewish Army of Stateless and Palestinian Jews would not have come to an end, and it tells us something about the contemporary reality of our societies.