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Tag clouds of the ICA and IAMCR 2013 conference programmes

Tag clouds of the ICA and IAMCR 2013 conference programmes Created  by Christian Fuchs @fuchschristian with Wordle, CLICK ON THE IMAGES TO SEE LARGER VERSIONS The ICA 2013 programme as tag cloud: The IAMCR 2013 programme as tag cloud: The ICA 2013 abstracts as tag cloud:

PRISM and the Social Media-Surveillance-Industrial Complex

PRISM is not, as Facebook, Apple and Microsoft want to make us believe, a small surveillance operation, but rather a massive and large-scale global surveillance project.
PRISM shows that the military-industrial complex makes use of a surveillance-industrial complex, into which social media are entangled

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CfP: Philosophers of the World Unite! Theorizing Digital Labour and Virtual Work: Definitions, Forms and Transformations

The overall task of this special issue of tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique is to gather contributions that help to an understanding of how to critically theorize digital labour, virtual work and related concepts. Theorizing digital labour requires us to provide grounded 1) definitions of digital labour and virtual work, 2) systematic distinctions and typologies of forms of digital labour and 3) theorizing the transformations that digital labour is undergoing.

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Christian Fuchs and Sebastian Sevignani: New article about theorizing digital labour on social media

Fuchs, Christian and Sebastian Sevignani. 2013. What Is digital labour? What Is digital work? What’s their difference? And why do these questions matter for understanding social media?