Google vs. China = economic censorship vs. state-censorship of the Internet

Although China and Google are now going separate ways, they have more in common than they think… Neither China nor Google are the ambassadors of freedom of speech, they are just representatives of two different models of Internet censorship: Internet censorship by state coercion and economic Internet censorship by repressive tolerance.

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What the US health care reform bill tells us about Internet politics

At a first sight, it may seem that health care and the Internet have, except for eHealth applications, not much in common. But I will argue in this contribution that there is an important link.

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Book “The Internet & Society”: Video Q&A

Students in the seminar “Leadership & Change in a Networked Society“, taught by Jason Guard, at Virginia Commonwealth University ( have read my book ”Internet and Society: Social Theory in the Information Age”. They produced a YouTube video, in which they asked questions about the book to me. I responded with a video.