General Elections in Austria: Income Distribution and Corporate Domination are Neglected Issues

General election will take place on September 28, 2008 in Austria. The topics that the competing parties have thus far presented are superficial and neglect the actual problems that people are facing in their everyday lives, such as income inequality and corporate growth at the expense of the income of the masses.

Wahlen 2008: Einkommensverteilung und Gewinne kein Thema

Am 28. September 2008 finden in Österreich Nationalratswahlen statt. Die Themen, die die Parteien propagieren, sind absolut oberflächlich und gehen an den realen Problemen und deren Ursachen vorbei. Dies zeigt sich bereits an den auf Wahlplakaten repräsentierten Themen: Die Österreichische Volkspartei (ÖVP) plakatiert rassistische, rechts-rechte und konservative Werte: “Es reicht! Wer bei uns lebt, muss [...]

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Iron and Wine performing at the Frequency Festival 2008

My second encounter with Iron and Wine was today, August 15 2008, at the Frequency Festival in Salzburg. Theodor W. Adorno once wrote: “Writing poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric,” (Kulturkritik und Gesellschaft 1: p. 303).

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Frequency Festival Day 1

The Frequency is an Austrian alt rock festival that attracts approximately 50 000 guests. It takes place near Salzburg It is not the greatest of all rock festivals – given the facts that: this year the headliners at Lollapalooza (USA) are among others Radiohead and Cat Power, the Benicassim f2008 estival (Spain) featured Leonhard Cohen, [...]