Collected volume “Critique, Social Media & the Information Society” (ed. Christian Fuchs and Marisol Sandoval)

Collected volume “Critique, Social Media & the Information Society” (ed. Christian Fuchs and Marisol Sandoval)

Marisol Sandoval and I have finished the editorial work for the collected volume “Critique, Social Media & the Information Society” and have submitted it to Routledge. The book presents selected contributions from the 4th ICTs and Society Conference (also known as the “Uppsala conference”) “Critique, Democracy & Philosophy in 21st Century Information Society. Towards Critical Theories of Social Media” (see ).

The volume features contributions by Andrew Feenberg, Catherine McKercher, Christian Fuchs, Graham Murdock, Gunilla Bradley, Jernej Amon Prodnik, Margareta Melin, Marisol Sandoval, Mark Andrejevic, Nick Dyer-Witheford, Peter Dahlgren, Robert Prey, Seven Sevignani, Thomas Allmer, Tobias Olsson, Verena Kreilinger, Vincent Mosco, Wolfgang Hofkirchner.

A draft of the editors’ introduction “Critique, Social Media & the Information Society in the Age of Capitalist Crisis” is available here:

Critique, Social Media & the Information Society
Edited by Christian Fuchs and Marisol Sandoval
Hardcover (the paperback will be released 6 months after the hardback edition)

The critical guide to social media and the information society in turbulent times!
This book presents a unique collection of articles that advance a multifaceted critical perspective on the information society, the Internet, social media and communication labour. It illustrates the importance of critical thinking for making sense of media and communication in times of capitalist crisis, the neoliberal commodification of everything and social uprisings.


1. Christian Fuchs and Marisol Sandoval: Introduction: Critique, Social Media & the Information Society in the Age of Crisis Capitalism

I. Critical Studies of the Information Society

2. Christian Fuchs: Critique of the Political Economy of Informational Capitalism and Social Media

3. Wolfgang Hofkirchner: Potentials and Risks for Creating a Global Sustainable Information Society

4. Sebastian Sevignani, Robert Prey, Marisol Sandoval, Thomas Allmer, Jernej A. Prodnik, Verena Kreilinger: Critical Studies of Contemporary Informational Capitalism. The Perspective of Emerging Scholars

5. Gunilla Bradley: Social Informatics and Ethics: Towards the Good Information and Communication Society

II. Critical Internet- and Social Media-Studies

6. Andrew Feenberg: Great Refusal or Long March: How to Think About the Internet.

7. Graham Murdock: Producing Consumerism: Commodities, Ideologies, Practices

8. Marisol Sandoval: Social Media? The Unsocial Character of Capitalist Media

9. Nick Dyer-Witheford: The Global Worker and the Digital Front

10. Mark Andrejevic: Alienation’s Returns

11. Peter Dahlgren: Social Media and Political Participation: Discourse and Deflection

12. Tobias Olsson: “The Architecture of Participation”: For Citizens or Consumers?

III. Critical Studies of Communication Labour

13. Catherine McKercher: Precarious Times, Precarious Work. A Feminist Political Economy of Freelance Journalists in Canada and the United States.

14. Margareta Melin: Flight as Fight: Re-Negotiating the Work of Journalism

15. Vincent Mosco: Marx is Back, but Will Knowledge Workers of the World Unite? On the Critical Study of Labour, Media and Communication Today

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