Concerts: The Kills, Mogwai

Yesterday, November 14, I saw the Kills play a very good concert in Munich. With one hour, it was a little bit short, but nonetheless intensive. The last time I saw them, a couple of months ago in Vienna, I had the problem that there were so many people that I couldn’t see anything, only hear them. I didn’t have this problem this time.
The day before yesterday I saw Mogwai play in Munich. Slow/fast, minimalism/intensity, silence/noise-dialectic, as to expect with this band. Only thing I found troubling that in all concerts I have seen them playing in the past couple of years, the last song they play is the 15 minutes “My Father, My King”, which is arguably their worst song (due to its rather undialectical brute songstructure). They never play “Cody”, which in my opinion is their best song. Nonetheless it was, apart from “My Father, My KIng”, a very good concert.

Mogwai “Cody”

The KIlls “Last Day of Magic”

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